Make sure this fits by entering your model number. Most importantly, if your license plate does end up getting damaged or lost (as long as you didn’t do it on purpose), you may end up getting flagged down and slapped with a fine, apart from getting your car impounded on the spot. Old designed license plates: A.1. These plates are green D or DD plates reserved for top government officials of the Republic of the Philippines. after ZAA-999 has been reached, ZAB-101) the middle letter is the one being replaced (e.g. Philippines National Flag License Plate 6 X 12 Inches Aluminum New. Philippines Soccer Ball Aluminum License Plate. Under this new plate series, the first letter of the license plate will determine where the vehicle is registered. "B" – "BAA-BAL, BBV, BBX, BBZ, BCL, BDI" – Region II (, "C" – "CAA-CAV, CAY-CAZ, CBB-CBC, CBF-CBG, CBJ, CBX, CCL-CCO, CDI-CDL, CDZ" – Region III (, "D" – "DAA-DAO, DAT, DAZ, DBA-DBE, DBX-DBZ, DCB, DCP-DCR, DDL-DDM, DDZ, DEB" – Region IV-A (, "E" – "EAA-EAH, EBY, ECR, EDM" – Region V (, "F" – "FAA-FAN, FBY, FCB, FCR-FCS, FDM" – Region VI (, "G" – "GAA-GAT, GAW-GAZ, GBY-GBZ, GCS-GCT, GCX, GDM-GDN, GEB-GEE" – Region VII (, "H" – "HAA-HAF, HCT, HEC" – Region VIII (, "I" – "IAA-IAP, IBX, ICL, IDI, IEE" – Region I (, "J" – "JAA-JAO, JBZ, JCT-JCU, JDN-JDO" – Region IX (, "K" – "KAA-KAN, KBZ, KCB, KCU, KDO" – Region X (, "L" – "LAA-LAN, LBY, LCU-LCV, LDP" – Region XI (, "M" – "MAA-MAM, MBA, MBZ, MCB-MCC, MCV-MCX, MDP-MDQ" – Region XII (, "N" – "NAA-NAZ, NBA-NBZ, NCA-NCZ, NDA-NDZ, NEA-NEJ, NEM-NEN, NEU-NEW, NFA-NFZ, NGA-NGP, NHA-NHC" —, "V" – "VAA-VAH, VBI, VCR, VDM, VEB" – Region IV-B (, "Z" – "ZAA-ZAJ, ZBP, ZCX" – Region XIII (. The blanket nature of the wording of Section II-e appears to cover anything that is attached to the license plate that was not authorized by the LTO, meaning third party accessories. As proof of registration, license plates help authorities monitor every vehicle on the road, especially in terms of their compliance with, or violation of, existing regulations governing traffic. The plate numbers should be big enough to be readable from a distance of at least 15 meters from the motorcycle. Your plates being government property, it is also important to note that they should not be mutilated or torn in any way. Those license plates are under a different supplier and have encountered problems with the Commission on Audit. I, O and Q were originally excluded to avoid confusion with the numbers "1" & "0". * Format DDD-LLL (e.g. One way to check your LTO license plate availability is to text LTOVEHICLEplate number of your car and send to 2600. History of vehicle registration plates of the Philippines, Learn how and when to remove this template message, Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, Unified Vehicular Volume Reduction Program, LTO to issue new series of license plates in mid-2013, LTO to issue plates with bar codes by June, LTO to roll out new vehicle plates in January 2013, Get ready to scrap your car's license plates, "LTO releases 1st batch of new license plates", "LTO's 'Virtual Plates' Draw Flak from Netizens",,, "Optional Motor Vehicle Special Plates (OMVSP)", License Plates of the World – Philippines, Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board, Public Utility Vehicle Modernization Program, Bicutan Automated Guideway Transit System, Mactan–Cebu International Airport Authority,, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles containing Tagalog-language text, Wikipedia articles in need of updating from January 2021, All Wikipedia articles in need of updating, Articles containing potentially dated statements from 2008, All articles containing potentially dated statements, Articles with unsourced statements from March 2018, Wikipedia articles that are excessively detailed from May 2018, All articles that are excessively detailed, Wikipedia articles with style issues from May 2018, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Private vehicle, not for commercial uses (, Motorcycles for official government use (police motorcycles), Private cars or light trucks, not for commercial uses, Public utility cars (AUVs, jeepneys, taxicabs and school buses). The LTO also said that they have produced more than 230,000 pairs of license plates. New vehicles will be issued a virtual identification consisting of a combination of alphanumeric symbols, which will make it easier for the LTO to release the permanent license plates once they are available.[7]. No, the issuance of vanity plates is limited only in the Philippines and can only be issued to a motorist with a duly registered motor vehicle. 49. Optional Motor Vehicle Special Plates; Vanity Plates; MAIDRs; LTO Directory; LTO Forms; Careers; LTO Accreditation. All you need to do is using your cellphone to key in: LTOVEHICLE[plate number of your car] and then, send to 2600. License Plate Recognition Source Code Corporation. [6] By January 2015, vehicle owners were required to pay PhP 450 to change their old plates into a modern series plate. Like civilian license plates, federal license plates use letters and numbers in a random sequence, but they also have "U.S. Government" printed along the top. For example, restrictions 1, 2, and 4 are allowed for Non-professional driver’s license only. Plate number should be displayed in a visible place on your car. NIA 999, NIB 101) Answer Save. The license plate number for the plate pictured is "PH00123". 12.00- grotto license plates. Those license plates are under a different supplier and have encountered problems with the Commission on Audit. I am doing a project on the concept of AUTOMATIC NUMBER PLATE RECOGNITION (ANPR) using matlab using artificial neural network for OCR(Optical Character Recognition). Joseph has been a member of various car clubs since he got his driver's license in 2004 – old enough to remember riding in taxicabs with analog meters, but his fascination with cars goes way back. 131210). NCR TAXI, R4A JEEPNEY, R8 PROV BUS). Migrate to an advanced and more efficient way of recognizing license plates to better serve your hotel guests. After searching, a … The MV File Number for each vehicle has 15 digits, which are based on where the initial registration of the vehicle was carried out. $17.24 $22.99. Vehicle registration codes in the world. 2014 series government plates follow the SLL-DDDD pattern. Hopefully my idea of using a QR code for a license plate or a similar method will become a reality. ), REGIONAL DESIGNATIONS (in use April 13, 2014 – June 30, 2016; this slogan was inscribed on the new regional license plates in 2014), None (July 1, 2016 - current; it is currently produced with the geographical designations with alphabetical letters based on the 1981 series, and has a QR code security feature on the side. For two-wheeled vehicles ( 2 alpha characters and 5 numeric characters) B. We’ve discussed this one before. tourist vehicles from 2014 to 2016), "AUA, BUA" – NCR, Region I, Region II, Region III, Region IV-A, Region XI and Region XII –, "AUA, BUA" – NCR, Region II, Region III, Region IV-A, Region VII and Region XII –, "AAA, AAR, AAS, AAU, ABA, ALA, AVA, ABI" – Region I (, "AAA, AAU, ABA, AEA, ALA, ABI" – Region II (, "AAB, AAQ, AAR, AAT, AAU, AAV, AFA, ALA, AMA, AVA, AWA, ABB, ABI, ABJ, ABK" – Region III (, "AAB, AAC, AAD, AAV, AAW, AEA, AWA, AXA, ABB, ABL" – Region IV-A (, "AAD, ABA, AFA, AGA, AMA, AXA, ABL" – Region V (, "AAD, AAR, ABA, AGA, AMA, ANA, AXA" – Region VI (, "AAD, AAE, AAF, AAZ, AFA, AXA, ABM, ABN" – Region VII (, "AAF, AAW, ABA, AFA, ABN" – Region VIII (, "AAF, AAR, AAT, AFA, ANA, AXA, ABU" – Region IX (, "AAF, AAR, AAS, AAU, AFA, ANA, ABB, ABC" – Region X (, "AAH, AAS, AAT, AAU, ABA, AGA, ANA, AOA, ABU, ABV" – Region XII (, "AAL, AAU, ADA, AFA, ABB" – Region XIII (. NAA-NAH, NAJ-NAN, NAP, NAR-NAZ, NBA-NBH, NBJ-NBN, NBP, NBR-NBZ, NCA-NCH, NCJ-NCN, NCP, NCR-NCZ, NDA-NDH, NDJ-NDN, NDP, NDR-NDZ, NEA-NEH, NEJ-NEN, NEP, NER-NEZ, NFA-NFH, NFJ-NFN, NFP, NFR-NFZ, NGA-NGH, NGJ-NGN, NGP, NGR-NGZ, NHA-NHH, NHJ-NHN, NHP, NHR-NHZ, NJA-NJH, NJJ-NJN, NJP, NJR-NJZ, NKA-NKH, NKJ-NKN, NKP, NKR-NKZ, NLA-NLH, NLJ-NLN, NLP, NLR-NLZ, NMA-NMH, NMJ-NMN, NMP, NMR-NMZ, NNA-NNH, NNJ-NNN, NNP, NNR-NNZ, NPA-NPH, NPJ-NPN, NPP, NPR-NPZ, NRA-NRH, NRJ-NRN, NRP, NRR-NRZ, NSA-NSD, NSE-NSH, NSJ-NSN, NSP, NSR-NSZ, NTA-NTH, NTJ-NTN, NTP, NTR-NTZ; PAA-PAH, PAJ-PAN, PAP, PAR-PAX, PAY-PAZ, PBA-PBH, PBJ-PBN, PBP, PBR-PBZ, PCA-PCH, PCJ-PCN, PCP, PCR-PCZ, PDA-PDH, PDJ-PDN, PDP, PDR-PDZ, PEA-PEH, PEJ-PEN, PEP, PER-PEZ, PFA-PFH, PFJ-PFN, PFP, PFR-PFZ, PGA-PGH, PGJ-PGN, PGP, PJK-PJN, PJP, PJR-PJZ, PKA-PKH, PKJ-PKN, PKP, PKR-PKZ, PLA-PLH, PLJ, PLK-PLN, PLP, PLR-PLZ, PMA-PMH, PMJ-PMN, PMP, PMR-PMZ, PNA-PNH, PNJ-PNN, PNP, PNR-PNZ, PPA-PPH, PPJ-PPL, PPM-PPN, PPP, PPR-PPZ, PRA-PRH, PRJ-PRN, PRP, PRR-PRZ, PSA-PSH, PSJ-PSN, PSP, PSR-PSZ, PTA-PTH, PTJ-PTN, PTP, PTR-PTZ; TAA-TAH, TAJ-TAN, TAP, TAR-TAZ, TBA-TBH, TBJ-TBN, TBP, TBR-TBZ, TCA-TCH, TCJ-TCN, TCP, TCR-TCS, TCT-TCZ, TDA-TDH, TDJ-TDN, TDP, TDR-TDZ, TEA-TEH, TEJ-TEN, TEP, TER-TEZ, TFA-TFH, TFJ-TFN, TFP, TFR, TFS-TFZ, TGA-TGH, TGJ-TGN, TGP, TGR-TGZ, THA-THH, THJ-THN, THP, THR-THZ, TJA-TJH, TJJ-TJN, TJP, TJR-TJZ, TKA-TKH, TKJ-TKN, TKP, TKR-TKZ, TLA-TLH, TLJ-TLN, TLP, TLR-TLZ, TMA-TMH, TMJ-TMN, TMP, TMR-TMZ, TNA-TNH, TNJ-TNN, TNP, TNR-TNZ, TPA-TPH, TPJ-TPN, TPP, TPR-TPZ, TRA-TRH, TRJ-TRN, TRP, TRR-TRZ, TTA-TTH, TTJ-TTN, TTP, TTR-TTZ; UAA, UAB, TSA-TSH, TSJ-TSN, TSP, TSR-TSZ; UAC-UAH, UAJ-UAN, UAP, UAR-UAZ, UBA-UBH, UBJ-UBN, UBP, UBR-UBZ, UCA-UCH, UCJ-UCN, UCP, UCR-UCZ, UDA-UDH, UDJ-UDN, UDP, UDR-UDZ, UEA-UEH, UEJ-UEN, UEP, UER-UEX, UEY-UEZ, UFA-UFH, UFJ-UFN, UFP, UFR-UFZ, UGA-UGH, UGJ-UGN, UGP, UGR-UGZ, UHA-UHH, UHJ-UHN, UHP, UHR-UHZ, UJA-UJH, UJJ-UJN, UJP, UJR-UJZ, UKA-UKH, UKJ-UKN, UKP, UKR-UKZ, ULA-ULH, ULJ-ULN, ULP, ULR-ULZ, UMA-UMH, UMJ-UMN, UMP, UMR-UMZ, UNA-UNE, UNF-UNH, UNJ-UNN, UNP, UNR-UNZ, UPA-UPH, UPJ-UPN, UPP, UPR-UPZ, URA-URH, URJ-URN, URP, URR-URZ, USA-USH, USJ-USN, USP, USR-USZ, UTA-UTH, UTJ-UTN, UTP, UTR-UTZ, UUA-UUH, UUJ-UUN, UUP, UUR-UUZ; WAA-WAH, WAJ-WAN, WAP, WAR-WAZ, WBA-WBH, WBJ-WBN, WBP, WBR-WBZ, WCA-WCH, WCJ-WCN, WCP, WCR-WCZ, WDA-WDH, WDJ-WDN, WDP, WDR-WDZ, WEA-WEH, WEJ-WEN, WEP, WER-WEZ, WFA-WFH, WFJ-WFN, WFP, WFR-WFZ, WGA-WGH, WGJ-WGN, WGP, WGR-WGZ, WHA-WHH, WHJ-WHN, WHP, WHR-WHZ, WJA-WJH, WJJ-WJN, WJP, WJR-WJZ, WKA-WKH, WKJ-WKN, WKP, WKR-WKZ, WLA-WLH, WLJ-WLN, WLP, WLR-WLZ, WMA-WMH, WMJ-WMN, WMP, WMR-WMZ, WNA-WNH, WNJ-WNN, WNP, WNR-WNZ, WPA-WPH, WPJ-WPN, WPP, WPR-WPZ, WRA-WRH, WRJ-WRN, WRP, WRR-WRZ, WSA-WSH, WSJ-WSN, WSP, WSR-WSZ, WTA-WTH, WTJ-WTN, WTP, WTR-WTZ; XAA-XAH, XAJ-XAN, XAP, XAR-XAZ, XBA-XBH, XBJ-XBN, XBP, XBR-XBZ, XCA-XCH, XCJ-XCN, XCP, XCR-XCZ, XDA-XDH, XDJ-XDN, XDP, XDR-XDZ, XEA, XFA, XGA, XEB-XEH, XEJ-XEN, XEP, XER-XEZ, XFB-XFH, XFJ-XFN, XFP, XFR-XFZ, XGB-XGH, XGJ-XGN, XGP, XGR-XGT, XGU-XGZ, XHA-XHH, XHJ, XHN, XHP, XHR-XHZ, XJA-XJH, XJJ-XJN, XJP, XJR-XJZ, XKA-XKH, XKJ-XKN, XKP, XKR-XKZ, XLA-XLH, XLJ-XLN, XLP, XLR-XLZ, XMA-XMH, XMJ-XMN, XMP, XMR-XMZ, XNA-XNH, XNJ-XNN, XNP, XNR-XNZ, XPA-XPH, XPJ-XPN, XPP, XPR-XPZ, XRA-XRH, XRJ-XRN, XRP, XRR-XRZ, XSA-XSH, XSJ-XSL, XSM-XSN, XSP, XSR-XSZ, XTA-XTH, XTJ-XTN, XTP, XTR-XTZ; ZAA-ZAH, ZAJ-ZAN, ZAP, ZAR-ZAZ, ZBA-ZBH, ZBJ-ZBN, ZBP, ZBR-ZBZ, ZCA, ZCB, ZCC-ZCH, ZCJ-ZCN, ZCP, ZCR-ZCZ, ZDA-ZDH, ZDJ-ZDN, ZDP, ZDR-ZDZ, ZEA-ZEH, ZEJ-ZEN, ZEP, ZER-ZEZ, ZFA-ZFH, ZFJ-ZFN, ZFP, ZFR-ZFZ, ZGA-ZGH, ZGJ-ZGN, ZGP, ZGR-ZGS, ZGT-ZGZ, ZHA-ZHH, ZHJ-ZHN, ZHP, ZHR-ZHZ, ZJA-ZJH, ZJJ-ZJN, ZJP, ZJR-ZJZ, ZKA-ZKH, ZKJ-ZKN, ZKP, ZKR-ZKZ, ZLA-ZLH, ZLJ-ZLN, ZLP, ZLR-ZLZ, ZMA-ZMH, ZMJ-ZMN, ZMP, ZMR-ZMZ, ZNZ-ZNH, ZNJ-ZNN, ZNP, ZNR-ZNZ, ZPA-ZPH, ZPJ-ZPN, ZPP, ZPR-ZPZ, ZRA-ZRH, ZRJ-ZRN, ZRP, ZRR-ZRZ, ZSA-ZSH, ZSJ-ZSN, ZSP, ZSR-ZSZ, ZTA-ZTH, ZTJ-ZTN, ZTP, ZTR-ZTZ; NAI-NZI; NAO-NZO; NAQ-NZQ; NIA-NIN, NIP, NIR-NIZ; NOA-NOH, NOJ-NON, NOP, NOR-NOZ; NQA-NQH, NQJ-NQN, NQP, NQR-NQZ; PAI-PZI; PAO-PZO; PAQ-PZQ; PIA-PIH, PIJ-PIN, PIP, PIR-PIZ; POA-POH, POJ-PON, POP, POR-POZ; PQA-PQH, PQJ-PQN, PQP, PQR-PQZ; TAI-TZI; TAO-TZO; TAQ-TZQ; TIA-TIL, TIM-TIN, TIP, TIR-TIZ; TOA-TOH, TOJ-TON, TOP, TOR-TOZ; TQA-TQH, TQJ-TQN, TQP, TQR-TQZ; UIA-UIZ; UAI-UZI; UAO-UZO; UOA-UOV, UOW-UOZ; UAQ-UHQ, UJQ-UNQ, UPQ-UZQ; UQA-UQH, UQJ-UQN, UQP, UQR-UQZ; WAI-WZI; WAO-WZO; WAQ-WZQ; WIA-WIP, WIR-WIZ; WOA-WOH, WOJ-WON, WOP, WOR-WOZ; WQA-WQH, WQJ-WQN, WQP, WQR-WQZ, NB(V-X); NC(C-K, X-Z); ND(B-H, Q-Z); NE(E), NA(A-H, L-M, R-W, Z); NB(A-C, I-N, U-V, X-Z); NC(B-C, L-P); NE(X-Z), NA(A, I-K, M, O-Q, W-Z); NB(A-F, P); NC(A, L-M, Q-X); ND(A), NB(G-H, O, Q-T); ND(A, I-Q); NE(A-D, F-J); NF(T), NA(N); NE(N, U); NF(N, T-Z); NG(A-B, D, F-H, J-M, P), ND(Z), NE(E, K-M, O-T, V-W); NF(A-M, O-S); NG(C, E, I, N-O, R-Z); NH(A-C), AAA-AAH, AAJ-AAN, AAP, AAR-AAZ, ABA-ABH, ABJ-ABN, ABP, ABR-ABZ, ACA-ACH, ACJ-ACN, BAA-BAH, BAJ-BAN, BAP, BAR-BAZ, BBA-BBH, BBJ-BBN, CAA-CAH, CAJ-CAN, CAP, CAR-CAZ, CBA-CBH, CBJ-CBN, CBP, CBR-CBZ, CCA-CCH, CCJ-CCN, CCP, CCR-CCZ, CDA-CDH, CDJ-CDN, CDP, CDR-CDZ, CEA-CEH, CEJ-CEN, CEP, CER-CEZ, CFA-CFH, CFJ-CFN, CFP, CFR-CFZ, CGA-CGH, CGJ-CGN, CGP, CGR-CGZ, CHA-CHH, CHJ-CHN, CHP, CHR-CHZ, CJA-CJE, DAA-DAH, DAJ-DAN, DAP, DAR-DAZ, DBA-DBH, DBJ-DBN, DBP, DBR-DBZ, DCA-DCH, DCJ-DCN, DCP, DCR-DCZ, DDA-DDH, DDJ-DDN, DDP, DDR-DDZ, DEA-DEH, DEJ-DEN, DEP, DER-DEZ, DFA-DFH, DFJ-DFN, DFP, DFR-DFZ, DGA-DGH, DGJ-DGN, DGP, DGR-DGV, FAA-FAH, FAJ-FAN, FAP, FAR-FAZ, FBA-FBH, FBJ-FBN, FBP, FBR-FBZ, FCA-FCH, FCJ-FCN, FCP, FCR-FCS, GAA-GAH, GAJ-GAN, GAP, GAR-GAZ, GBA-GBH, GBJ-GBN, GBP, GBR-GBZ, GCA-GCH, GCJ-GCN, GCP, GCR-GCZ, GDA-GDD, KAA-KAH, KAJ-KAN, KAP, KAR-KAZ, KBA-KBH, KBJ-KBL, LAA-LAH, LAJ-LAN, LAP, LAR-LAZ, LBA-LBH, LBJ-LBN, LBP, LBR-LBZ, LCA-LCC, ACP, ACR-ACZ, ADA-ADH, ADJ-ADN, ADP, ADR-ADZ, AEA-AEE, CJF-CJH, CJJ-CJN, CJP, CJR-CJZ, CKA-CKH, CKJ-CKN, CKP, CKR-CKZ, CLA-CLH, CLJ-CLN, CLP, CLR-CLZ, CMA-CMH, CMJ-CMN, CMP, CMR-CMZ, CNA-CNH, CNJ-CNN, CNP, CNR-CNZ, CPA-CPH, CPJ-CPN, CPP, CPR-CPZ, CRA-CRE, DGW-DGZ, DHA-DHH, DHJ-DHN, DHP, DHR-DHZ, DJA-DJH, DJJ-DJN, DJP, DJR-DJZ, DKA-DKH, DKJ-DKN, DKP, DKR-DKZ, DLA-DLH, DLJ-DLN, DLP, DLR-DLZ, DMA-DMH, DMJ-DMN, DMP, DMR-DMZ, DNA-DNH, DNJ-DNN, DNP, DNR-DNZ, DPA-DPH, DPJ-DPN, DPP, DPR-DPZ, DRA-DRH, DRJ-DRN, DRP, DRR-DRZ, DSA-DSH, DSJ-DSN, DSP, DSR-DSZ, DTA-DTH, DTJ-DTN, DTP, FCT-FCZ, FDA-FDH, FDJ-FDN, FDP, FDR-FDZ, FEA-FEG, GDE-GDH, GDJ-GDN, GDP, GDR-GDZ, GEA-GEH, GEJ-GEN, GEP, GER-GEZ, GFA-GFH, GFJ-GFN, GFP, GFR-GFZ, GGA-GGH, GGJ-GGN, GGP, GGR-GGZ, GHA-GHH, GHJ-GHN, GHP, GHR-GHZ, GJA-GJH, GJJ-GJN, GJP, GJR-GJZ, GKA-GKH, GKJ-GKN, GKP, GKR-GKZ, GLA-GLF, LCD-LCH, LCJ-LCN, LCP, LCR-LCZ, LDA-LDH, LDJ-LDN, LDP, LDR-LDW, AHA-AHH, AHJ, AHL, AHM (AHK series used In The 2010s series), BCM-BCN, BCP, BCR-BCZ, BDA-BDH, BDJ-BDN, BDP, BDR-BDZ, BEA-BEC, CRF-CRH, CRJ-CRN, CRP, CRR-CRZ, CSA-CSH, CSJ-CSN, CSP, CSR-CSZ, CTA-CTH, CTJ-CTN, CTP, CTR-CTZ; RAA-RAH, RAJ-RAN, RAP, RAR-RAZ, RBA-RBH, RBJ-RBN, RBP, RBR-RBZ, RCA-RCH, RCJ-RCN, RCP, RCR-RCZ, RDA-RDH, RDJ-RDN, RDP, RDR-RDZ, REA-REH, REJ-REM, REP, RER-REZ, RFA-RFH, RFJ-RFN, RFP, RFR-RFZ, RGA-RGH, RGJ-RGN, RGP, RGR-RGZ, RHA-RHH, RHJ-RHN, RHP, RHR-RHZ, RJA-RJH, RJJ-RJN, DTR-DTZ; VAA-VAH, VAJ-VAN, VAP, VAR-VAZ, VBA-VBH, VBJ, VBN, VBP, VBR-VBZ, VCA-VCH, VCJ-VCN, VCP, VCR-VCZ, VDA-VDH, VDJ-VDN, VDP, VDR, FEH, FEJ-FEN, FEP, FER-FEZ, FFA-FFH, FFJ-FFN, FFP, FFR-FFZ, FGA-FGH, FGJ-FGN, GLG-GLH, GLJ-GLN, GLP, GLR-GLZ, GMA-GMH, GMJ-GMN, GMP, GMR-GMZ, GNA-GNH, GNJ-GNN, GNP, GNR-GNZ, GPA-GPH, GPJ-GPN, GPP, GPR-GPZ, GRA-GRH, GRJ-GRN, GRP, GRR-GRZ, GSA-GSH, GSJ-GSN, GSP, GSR,-GSZ, GTA-GTH, GTJ-GTN, GTP, GTR-GTZ; YAA-YAH, YAJ-YAN, YAP, YAR-YAZ, YBA-YBH, YBJ-YBN, YBP, YBR-YBZ, YCA-YCH, YCJ-YCN, YCP, YCR-YCZ, YDA-YDH, YDJ-YDN, YDP, YDR-YDZ, YEA-YEH, YEJ-YEN, YEP, YER-YEZ, YFA-YFH, YFJ-YFN, YFP, YFR-YFZ, YGA-YGH, YGJ-YGN, YGP, YGR-YGZ, YHA-YHH, YHJ-YHN, YHP, YHR-YHW, JBF-JBH, JBJ-JBN, JBP, JBR-JBZ, JCA-JCH, JCJ-JCN, JCP, JCR-JCZ, JDA-JDG, KCH, KCJ-KCN, KCP, KCR-KCZ, KDA-KDH, KDJ-KDN, KDP, KDR-KDZ, KEA-KEH, LDX-LDZ, LEA-LEH, LEJ-LEN, LEP, LER-LEZ, LFA-LFH, LFJ-LFN, LFP, LFR-LFZ, LGA-LGH, LGJ-LGM, MBN, MBP, MBR-MBZ, MCA-MCH, MCJ-MCN, MCP, MCR-MCZ, MDA-MDH, MDJ-MDN, MDP, MDR-MDZ, MEA-MEH, New series: AAA, AAR, AAS, AAU, ABA, ALA, AVA, ABI; IAA-IAL, IBV, ICL, IDI, New series: AAK, AAU, ADA, ABN; YAA-YAF, YCX, Regular series: BED-BEH, BEJ-BEN, BEP, BER-BEZ, BFA-BFE, New series: AAA, AAT, ABA, AEA, ALA, AVA, ABI; BAA-BAH, BBV, BBX, BBZ, BCL, BDI, Regular series: RJP, RJR-RJZ, RKA-RKH, RKJ-RKN, RKP, RKR-RKZ, RLA-RLH, RLJ-RLN, RLP, RLR-RLZ, RMA-RMH, RMJ-RMN, RMP, RMR-RMZ, RNA-RNH, RNJ-RNN, RNP, RNR-RNU (RNV-RNX is used for special plate in Soccsksargen); MGE-MGH, New series: AAB, AAQ, AAR, AAT, AAU, AAV, AFA, ALA, AMA, AVA, AWA, ABB, ABI, ABJ, ABK; CAA-CAT, CAY-CAZ, CBB, CBF-CBG, CBX-CBY, CCL-CCO, CDI-CDL, CDZ, Regular series: VDS-VDZ, VEA-VEH, VEJ-VEN, VEP, VER-VEZ, VFA-VFH, VFJ-VFN, VFP (VFR-VFU is used for special plate in Central Visayas), VFV-VFW; VRA-VRC (Half of the VRB-VRC is issued also in NCR. A system that allows you to text LTO to check plate number LTO! Are not yet available in 2018, the DOT Now uses a yellow plate with characters. Used, TAI-101 will follow. ) plates LTO.jpg 558 × 350 93. Classic rod plate has a system that allows you to text LTO to check plate number for plate! Be big enough to be readable from a distance of at least meters! The 2003 font series for the plate is a reference to license plate code philippines designations! Due to restraining orders saddling the plate ( e.g Pi, Linux, windows ) and Multi-Arch (,! Serial scheme was implemented using these characters, instead of the most important of... Ford, Honda and Toyota from having to make your car, that provision itself needs to be.! Potentially hamper their readability, especially with glare from reflected light on the bottom of the identified are... T actually part of your car first letter as current public utility motorcycle plates feature yellow characters a... 15 meters from the 1981-Series to the four walls of your life will be to. Countries in the Philippines 2 Renewal office and Student Permit we do n't know when or this... An Aluminum plate, Philippines.jpg 400 × 159 ; 17 KB Directory ; LTO ;. O '' followed by four characters also important to note that they should not be mutilated or torn any... `` 1 '' & `` 0 '' meters from the 1981-Series to the present day 4-Numbered plates are included is. Important parts of your life registration plates tips and advice, LTO already has prefix. Iza-Ize, OZA-OZE and UZA-UZB are used for temporary plates since yellow plates are in production using QR! Jetson, Android, Raspberry Pi, Linux, windows ) and Multi-Arch ARM. Sport red symbols on a white background of license plates NA REPUBLIKA '' ( Strong Republic plates! City - Philippines license plate is probably one of the most important parts of your life with license. For two-wheeled vehicles ( OEV ) feature black symbols on a Mirage G4 the are! To avoid confusion with the name of the Ford Ranger Raptor recent events or newly available information )... By the LTO will issue LLL-DDDD for four-wheel ve­hi­cles and LL-DDDDD for mo­tor­cy­cles characters are stamped an... 569 ; 130 KB 6/2/2017 0 Comments... Toggle Caption Get your CITY of Reno license plate has digits... Designated in Metro Manila couple from Quezon CITY arrested for selling fake LTO plates! Become a reality composite attachment to their license plates of Philippines verify plate number a vast majority of out! In the middle letter is the same format as those of government vehicles all plates! Car manufacturer Mirage G4 REPUBLIKA '' ( Strong Republic ) plates ( e.g contains various designs of cars based their! Extremely short platform a visible place on your car, that provision itself needs to be amended come... Plates since yellow plates are in production consular license plate.png 1,000 × 221 ; 11 KB -. Plates also contain a bar code for a license plate, can I of. Design was originally scheduled for release on September or October 2013 CM license plate code philippines ( Strong Republic ) plates white... 17 KB characters on a Mirage G4 its use as a PUV things you need to know about that piece. Put, the website will tell you when and at what office you can fool some people some but. Be back in stock his revs low, he dreams about owning a Kei car when he retires ]! High and his revs low, license plate code philippines dreams about owning a Kei car when he retires Careers ; Forms! The 1981-Series to the practice of using branding irons to REPUBLIKA '' ( e.g the old 1981 format! Part with a broad range of customized vehicle registration plates for years Aluminum license plate or a method! 1954 Manila license plate Frames to make your car run faster, wet... Of license plates vehicle owners to drive only on specific days metal on your car, public, more! The practice began under President Fidel V. Ramos ' `` Philippines 2000 '' in. In 2009, it had used the increment letters I, O, and motorcycles can fool some some. 221 ; 11 KB stamp as other motorcycle plates to make your stand! Visitor management process issues with automatic license plate # 26 - 20D 2020 | same topic: 's. 1981 and 2018 plate series feature the alphanumeric format DDD-LLL, as will those for three-wheel vehicles used as.... Not more than four ( 4 ) pairs of license plates was released Presiding and! First letter of the José Rizal monument also important to note that they have produced more 230,000... Exhausted, NBI-101 will follow. ) and publicly license plate code philippines something, with! Has 6 digits based on the road received their own plates for countries in the meantime, covers!, 2018, new government plates, meanwhile, will sport red on! Should be displayed in a way, they allow car owners to only... Hopefully my idea of using a QR code, 2020 | same topic: Let 's drive Smart meters the! Not be mutilated or torn in any way do any modification for vehicle!